Ojai Valley Inn & Spa



A destination resort with a storied history sought to increase bookings for both its leisure and group business, the latter for events, meetings and product launches. Clearly, the approach with these two disparate groups required a different sensibility and tone as well as specific messaging and imagery to make an impact.


Collaborating closely with Point7West, the film and production company that shot and produced the work, I wrote scripts for videos targeting two markets: families in the leisure travel segment and Porsche for product launches, group business. The family-centric lifestyle video employed the embrace of a strong emotional appeal, emphasizing unforgettable experiences with loved ones. Sparked by the property’s beauty, accommodations and amenities, the content conveyed how the resort helped foster a deeper human connection. Something that undeniably transcended the hotel visit to forever stay with guests.

On the group business side, we highlighted the property’s assets and geography while using a fast-paced, high octane tone geared toward the makers, and adrenaline-seeking drivers, of a Porsche. We showcased the large event and reveal spaces, and superb service. We also captured the surrounding terrain of winding roads — California’s version of the autobahn — ideal for test driving performance cars.