Clarity. Confidence. Momentum.

Time to take a bold leap forward? Let’s identify your ideal audience and what matters to them as we clarify your purpose, positioning and value proposition. How you help and how you deliver on the customer experience.

Next are your brand voice and messaging: they guide the tone and written content. The lens of clarity builds the brand foundation. Which drives confidence and momentum.

It’s simple: connect, then convert.

From web content and email to landing pages, video scripts, taglines and campaigns, get copywriting help where you need it most. To put a finer point on it, strategic copy, in your authentic voice, solves your prospects’ challenges as it captures the essence of your brand and business. Copy compels connection, ignites inquiries and sells.

A dose of relentless optimism? Coming right up.

Lifting people up is my super power. Having overcome my share of adversity, I know that faith and a healthy dose of optimism get you through.

When you believe in the power of your ideas, from deep within, you own your worth and operate from strength. Whether you’re a business owner, creative or marketer, what are you called to do? What makes your heart beat faster? Infuse the process with resilience, commitment and grit — and yes, relentless optimism — and all things are possible. What a great feeling. Let’s make it happen. Together.

Stay unreasonably optimistic

Your team or mine.

If you have a graphic designer or developer you prefer, I love to collaborate. If you’re an agency or marketer, I’d be honored to contribute to your team. If you need resources, I work with a wealth of creative collaborators who can help bring your vision to life.

Rather write copy yourself?

Beautiful. I offer a value-added editing service so you can write the first draft. Whether you need just a bit of help — you write a draft, I edit for grammar and clarity — or the whole nine yards, I’m in it for the long haul. From active verbs and alliterations to knockout headlines, let’s make it shine. And take your business to the next level.

Meet Shelly

Shelly at the beach


Hello! So nice to meet you. Whatever your business challenges, I’m here to help. I am a brand strategist, relentless optimist and copywriter who helps business owners and marketers triumph on the regular.

For two decades, I’ve developed money-making copy and concepts that augment brands and skyrocket success. Award-winning copy that articulates your brand messaging. From ad campaigns and email to landing pages, taglines and websites, I write copy that sells.

Speaking of writing, I have a winning system and a few tricks up my sleeve. Which greatly benefit clients. I live to write a powerful headline, love alliterations, and have never met a preposition I didn’t like. (A long overdue thank you to my high school English teacher!)

I believe creativity and business are about value and values. It’s what you bring to the table in service to others and your guiding principles. About increasing revenues and deepening relationships.

An ocean-loving, beach-living Southern California single mom, I am a practical problem-solver who never loses sight of her dreams. Among my favorite things: coffee-fueled conversations and learning new ways to see. I am a library-loyal reader and word aficionado whose right brain finds joy creating inspired interior environments.

My superpowers: listen with empathy, capture stories, and lift people up. Along the way, positivity, resilience and grit have led me through adversity. From divorce and death to financial setbacks, creative U-turns, and a once-perennial case of the Not-enoughies, I have prevailed. With no loss of enthusiasm (ahem).

What does overcoming challenges and a boatload of wisdom get you? The ability to empower others as they create a thriving business and brand. Which brings me to you.

Whatever your goals, play to your strengths, find a way forward, and celebrate the small successes. Let opportunity and inspiration guide your quest. Above all, keep going.

Ignite creativity

Ready to augment your brand, advance your cause or get your message out? Let’s get started.

Ignite creativity

Ready to augment your brand, advance your cause or get your message out? Let’s get started. Greatness is waiting.