Make your brand great.

Conversation as a catalyst.

Have you been thinking about building your brand longer than you’d like to admit? Simply asking the right questions and having a vital conversation can ignite the entire process. Important stuff. Like why you exist, what you stand for, and how you deliver on your promises. All of which can result in profoundly inspired creative and a narrative made for the thinking person: your audience.

Yes, but how?

It centers around how you make people feel. A true storyteller, Shelly Cannon is an ace copywriter and concept creator. What does a bridgebuilder do? She connects prospects to your brand. And unites people to create community. That’s when things happen. She collaborates with designers, developers, social media people, videographers and others to synthesize insights into creative executions. She helps you promote the customer experience as she conveys the essence of your culture and brand.

Using criteria conceived by one of her heroes, Denise Lee Yohn*, she refers to five key brand dimensions: a brand must be meaningful (relevant), differentiating (so customers perceive this as essential), believable (grounded in the inherent strengths of your offerings), transcendent (to connect at a higher level), and sustainable (to compete longterm). Solid.

*Denise Lee Yohn is author of What Great Brands Do and Fusion: How Integrating Brand and Culture Powers the World’s Greatest Companies.

Meet Shelly Cannon

in this locals interview by SDVoyager!

Live your purpose.

What’s your True North? Align with the power of purpose, and everything happens. Your creative connects with people, converting prospects to buyers, and strangers to valued relationships. It’s about moving beyond transactions to something larger. Are you doing good in the world? Let’s move the planet forward together.

Craft solutions.
Build community.

Never underestimate strategy-driven creative that resonates as it addresses real business challenges. When you craft solutions that compel — headlines, copy, design, posts, video, who-knows-what — your customers become advocates and fans, galvanized to feel a deeper connection with you and your brand. So you develop a real community.

Culture is about people. Your people.

With thriving brands, culture and customer experiences are united like blood brothers. Distilled to its essence, culture is about people. Whether employees, customers, partners or other stakeholders, how you engage with, empower, and move them defines your organization. Culture is your company’s soul. If it’s exciting and authentic, your competitive advantage will not only ignite passion and performance but also transform your company.

What Clients Say

Shelly is dynamic and a go getter! She gives 110% to every assignment and takes the time to learn about each client’s business intimately. She knows the importance of establishing a brand voice and successfully composes material that is engaging, informative and effective. Shelly is my go-to copywriter because she makes our agency shine!

Risseth Lora, Vice President of Operations, JNS Next

Shelly’s writing is creative, fresh and collaborative all while being flexible. A writer that brings a lot to the table from concept to completion and always in for the long haul – top notch!

Steve Richardson, Founder, Point7West

Shelly always masterfully brings to life, in words, the true essence of our design.

Kristi Hanson, AIA, Owner, KHA Architects, Inc.

Shelly loves what she does -- and it shows in her creative, perfectly executed work and in the immense enthusiasm with which she approaches every project. She is someone I find both professionally and personally inspiring, and I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat … her work ethic, positive demeanor, and perfectionism are a rare find …

Lisa Marie Hart, Palm Springs Life, Home + Design editor

Shelly is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her dedication to her craft is unparalleled. She works diligently throughout the process to ensure a fantastic final product …

Andrew Portener, Digital Marketing Manager, JNS Next

What can I say about Shelly’s brilliance … we are always amazed at the way she can wordsmith otherwise seemingly bland features and benefits, and make them exciting and irresistible to the consumer. She is everything she says she is and more.

Denise DuBarry, CEO, Pilates Power Gym; Founder, Bikram Yoga Plus – Coachella Valley
Ignite creativity

Ready to augment your brand, advance your cause or get your message out? Let’s get started. Greatness is waiting.

Ignite creativity

Ready to augment your brand, advance your cause or get your message out? Let’s get started. Greatness is waiting.