KHA Architects, Inc.

Architecture & Design


A prominent architect known for her firm’s ultra exclusive residential projects in the western United States sought to showcase the extraordinary visual achievements of her firm’s high profile projects.


Working with the client’s web developer and photographer, we executed a mix of print and digital vehicles. First was a complete revamp of the existing website, utilizing the finest quality photography and design with original written content. The strategy was not only to depict the firm’s work but also to articulate its design approach and process. Further, the client was asked to participate in an architecture panel to discuss gender bias and the evolution of the profession, for which we wrote talking points with learning outcomes. The firm produced a self-published coffee table book of projects, which we wrote, given to select prospects and clients. We also created a series of individual photo books with project descriptions presented to clients upon the completion of work.


Kristi Hanson
(book introduction)

“If Kristi Hanson’s homes could speak, they would articulate, in vivid detail, a story. One that unfolds gradually, with a subtext of comfort and ease. One that embraces people as they experience each surface, each space with delight. Her residences honor the individuals who inhabit them: their lives are made better, larger, more tranquil for living there. And therein lies the essence of her architecture.”

“Above all, Kristi Hanson’s work is a collaboration. Sharing with clients the artistic nature of architecture, her approach evokes the feelings with which people can instinctively understand the process. With each endeavor, she invites her clients to join her, always in partnership, to create something more.”