How inspiration and flow elevate the process.

If you’re a creator, your imagination is powerful. But as we know, creating often comes with uncertainty, vulnerability, and nail-biting. We *ain’t* got time for that. When you shift your approach (and routine) to stay in the zone more of the time, you become more prolific. You stay in that state of creating where you lose track of time.

Whatever your spiritual beliefs, know the process is also about connecting to something greater than yourself; your artistry and creativity work through you. So you create not for fear of a “dreadline,” (ahem) but because you’re in the state of flow. Inspired and creating like nobody’s business.

Co-create with the universe.

When you’re open to the premise that what you bring forth is a guided co-creation with the universe, you learn to make time and space for the answers. I’m not saying ignore your loved ones or responsibilities. Quite the opposite. It’s about being present and paying attention. This is not fairy dust. It’s a series of intentions that connect you to higher forces.

Shelly Cannon Copywriter
Shelly Cannon Copywriter

Connect to all-that-is.

Whether you call it the universe, universal intelligence or something else (God if you prefer), you’re continuously receiving messages. When you look, signs and solutions seem to appear out of nowhere. Be it through your art or writing, people you meet unexpectedly or a surprise opportunity, all manner of synchronicities can show up. “Providence” happens the moment you commit, says Scottish mountaineer and writer W.H. Murray. The brilliant music producer Rick Rubin calls the messages from the universe “transmissions.” You’ll call them magical. Because they are. You find your point of view, your voice, a new way to see. You connect to all-that-is and your creativity soars.

Honor the process. Feed your creativity.

Think of your life as regenerative farming for your imagination. Rather than depleting the surface, restore your work with enriched soil that nourishes your growth. Are you a morning person? Get up earlier. Are you a night owl? Make that your go-time. Honoring the process means learning your peak times. In the months ahead, I’ll share more about how to supercharge your creativity.

You are worthy on arrival.

An employer or client may not like your work. Or perhaps you create solely for your own joy. No matter what, your self-worth comes from within. There’s no need for external validation. Because your ideas make a difference. Know this in the marrow of your bones: you are worthy on arrival.

Stay inspired. Keep believing.

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Ignite creativity

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